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Limited voice alteration tool

Having fun with Photo Booth always seems to entertain kids (and some adults too). So when I read that Voice Candy is the 'Photo Booth of voice software', I thought it would be a lot of fun.

However, the reality is that Voice Candy is rather disappointing. This is mainly because the voice effects are limited to just eight choices and many of them just simply aren't very good at all. Voice Candy works as a simple voice recorder. To apply the effects on Voice Candy however, you have to select one of the effects before recording, i.e. Normal, Chipmunk, Vader, Robot, Old Radio, Bad Science Fiction, Phone, and Sore Throat. Many of these effects are poorly implemented, though. The Bad Science Fiction effect, for example, seems to simply add a few 'eerie' noises to the background, and the Phone effect is barely audible. The Old Radio is a bit better, however, as is the Chipmunk.

The fact that you have to record in each voice every time you want to apply an effect in Voice Candy is a bit annoying too. You should be able to record one voice sample, and then apply the effects of your choosing at will. There are a few other things you can do with your recording. Voice Candy allows you to send recordings directly to iTunes, set a reminder using the recordings and share it using Apple Mail. However, this hardly makes up for its limited effects and the fact that it only saves in MOV format.

Voice Candy is a handy recording tool for normal voice recordings. However, as far as the effects go, it's certainly not the Photo Booth of voice recording.

When quitting, ask for confirmation if there is an unused recording Minor bug fixes


  • When quitting, ask for confirmation if there is an unused recording Minor bug fixes


  • Simple to use
  • Good as a simple voice recorder


  • Only eight effects to choose from
  • Many effects are poorly done
  • Requires recording something every time you want to sample a voice

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Voice Candy


Voice Candy 1.5.1 for Mac

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  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    I think its a cool app.
    I think its a really cool app, it looks quite cool, and alot of my friends is saying that its a kool app

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Problems with Voice Candy--Unable to get help.
    I've had Voice Candy for long time and use it in my work. It is a simple way to sMore

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